Here are some of the many benefits of Body Sculpting

  • Lift, firm, and tighten skin
  • Lose weight and inches
  • Detoxification and lymphatic drainage
  • Muscle building and toning
  • Cellulite reduction

Target specific areas

Including abdominals, flanks (love handles), arms, breast, buttocks, and thighs

What are the benefits of Microcurrent therapy for skin?

You must have heard about the Microcurrent therapy for skin. The therapy is rapidly gaining popularity among those who are looking for the best treatment for their aging skin. It seems like Microcurrent therapy is the solution that ladies have been looking for. Here we have a complete overview of Microcurrent therapy.

What Is Microcurrent Therapy?

A Microcurrent Therapy is regularly alluded to as a “characteristic” facelift. “This protected and easy facial deletes barely recognizable differences and wrinkles, while firming your skin and characterizing your highlights. It enhances muscle tone, diminishes puffiness, increments cell action, and fixes pores. The general outcome is more youthful looking skin, regardless of your age.
Microcurrent innovation has been around since the 1800s as a treatment for harmed tissues and muscles. Yet, when a doctor of a Bell’s paralysis persistent saw that the substance of his patients seemed much smoother and more youthful taking care of getting microcurrent treatment, one of the world’s first cutting edge stylish medications was conceived.
A Microcurrent Therapy discharges to a great degree low-voltage electrical flows (henceforth ‘miniaturized scale’ flow), which reflect your own body’s electrical flows, on a cell level to fix harmed skin and invigorate collagen and elastin generation. The force is slight to the point that it would take one million microcurrent machines to light a 40-watt light. This treatment is frequently alluded to as “facial conditioning” since it resembles an exercise for your face, whereby skin cells are crushed down and afterward develop spirit more grounded, a similar way your muscles do subsequent to lifting weights. “It works all the while to fix an item collagen in the dermis, the most profound layer of your skin, while tenderly deleting indications of maturing in the epidermis, the best layer of your skin. As indicated by studies, a Microcurrent Therapy can build collagen generation up to 14%, elastin expands 48% and blood course goes up 38%,” clarifies Vargas.

A Brief History Of Microcurrent Therapy

Thomas W. in 1980 a fifth era Chinese Doctor is credited with presenting a microcurrent gadget which was observed to be helpful in the treatment of muscles. Initially affirmed by the FDA as a muscle trigger, it likewise discovered new life in the Cosmetology business for cell restoration, facial conditioning and wrinkle decrease.
Microcurrent treatment has been demonstrated effective in treating an assortment of restorative conditions including Bell’s Palsy. Ringer’s Palsy is a facial loss of motion and normally impacts one side of the face as it were. The reason is obscure, however, aggravation of one of the facial nerves results in muscle loss of motion to the other side of the face. This typically recoups over a time of months, yet on events can be perpetual. Electrical flows have been consolidated into facial machines for a long time. The innovative work directed to help the “people born after WW2” in keeping up an energetic appearance has elevated their development to the exceedingly productive devices we have available to us today. Naturally, there is a lot of enthusiasm around the muscle upgrade capacities of microcurrent

How Is Microcurrent Therapy Done?

“The Microcurrent Therapy uses two handheld prongs that convey exact doses of vitality to the skin. As the aesthetician deliberately moves the prongs around your face, you may feel a slight shivering sensation, yet most say it’s shockingly unwinding. Obviously, you can expect the various joys of a great facial fused into the Microcurrent Therapy, for example, purging, shedding, saturating and facial back rub.

Who Is Microcurrent Therapy For?

A Microcurrent Therapy is perfect for any individual who needs to enhance the presence of their skin, regardless of whether they are more centered around an enemy of maturing or precaution treatment since it considers every contingency. It is sheltered and viable on all skin types and skin hues.
Pregnant ladies and individuals with any sort of heart condition ought to maintain a strategic distance from this treatment. As usual, examine any hypersensitivities or skin sensitivities with your restorative specialist or aesthetician before beginning a treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of A Microcurrent Therapy?

Microcurrent Therapy conveys an assortment of advantages to patients who wish to keep up a more energetic looking appearance and is an amazingly sheltered and delicate non-obtrusive option in contrast to emotional plastic medical procedure strategies, laser reemerging, compound strips, Collagen and Botox infusions and other intrusive medications. The outcomes can change by individual and skin type, are steady, and won’t simply “occur” overnight. In spite of the fact that Microcurrent Therapy is realize known to deliver a quick and transitory restoring impact, proceeded with day by day application will give more total long haul, enduring outcomes!
Improves facial and neck muscle tone
Lifts cheeks and eyebrows
Reduces the presence lines, dark spots and wrinkles
Reduces puffiness
Evens out skin tone and reduce inflammation on the skin
Improves facial flow
Aids in the removal of dead skin cells
Encourages drainage of lymphatic fluid
Increases item infiltration
Acts as a sun harm treatment
Reduces cellulite
Enhances the body’s characteristic collagen and elastin creation
Re-hydrates skin
Increase cell digestion (ATP)
Tightens extended pores

How Does The Microcurrent Therapy Work?’

The Microcurrent Therapy includes the use of low-level, waveform-formed electrical motivations through double tipped tests in a blend with a water-based conductive gel. At the point when connected to the skin, the delicate electrical flow rehabilitates the hidden muscles and enhances dissemination, surface, tone, and barely recognizable differences.
Ordinary utilization of microcurrent will keep on giving muscle quality and reestablish freshness to the appearance. The innovation works inside on the muscle fiber and tissue for obvious, outside outcomes – it resembles taking your face to the rec center! Microcurrent utilized with the end goal of skin revival varies from Electro-Muscle Stimulation (E.M.S.) which is a restorative technique using an exceptionally solid current to constrain rehashed strong constriction and development.

What are the effects of body sculpting to reduce fat?

Are you dealing with stubborn fat areas in your body that are not responding to exercise and dietary changes? Is it getting hard for you to stay in shape even after working hard? Are you looking for some authentic ways that can help you maintain a perfect figure? Well, if your answer to any of these questions is Yes, body sculpting is the solution you all have been looking for. There are many people who are curious about the body contouring and body sculpting treatments and would like to know whether they would be able to target the stubborn fat cells or not without going through a surgical process.
You should know there are different types of body sculpting available which have their own special benefits and effectiveness. Some of the treatment methods will freeze your fat cells while others will use heat energy to destroy the cells. It means that you will get a targeted way to research different parts of your body like:

  • Love handles
  • Abdominal fats
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms

However, the real question that most people have is whether body sculpting is safe or not and the changes will be permanent or not. Here we have a complete overview of the minimally invasive body shaping solution that will help you understand whether it will be the right option for you or not.

Is body sculpting safe?
The non-surgical treatment has some mild side effects that you might have to deal with but remember that with proper care you can avoid these issues. However, a better option would be to consider your health history before going for body sculpting. Consult your practitioner to find out whether you can get the treatment or not.
People who have the normal body index will get the positive effects from all body contouring devices and treatments. It will permanently shrink the fat cells. It means that if you take care of your diet you will not have to worry about stubborn fats ever again.
Liposuction vs body sculpting: which is better
Most people want to know that which treatment is more effective and reliable. You should know that non-surgical treatment may not be able to offer the similar results that you will get from the surgical process but you have to remember that body sculpting is less harmful as compared to going under the knife. No doubt liposuction will help you to get rid of 10 times more fats that you already have but there are some limitations afterwards that you will have to deal with. You will not be free to eat anything that you like that might have some negative effects. On the other hand, body sculpting will destroy all your cutaneous fats. These are the fat cells that you can pinch which means that there are no serious limitations that you have to worry about.

How does body sculpting work?
In the body sculpting fat cells are targeted and destroyed in the body. They will then enter the lymphatic system from where they will be filtered out of the body.
Common body sculpting techniques
There are different types of body contouring techniques available. Here are some of the common processes that you should know about.
1- Cold treatment
It is the process in which cold enough temperature is applied to the body that will kill the fat cells but it will not damage the skin. A special device is used that will pull portions of the skin using suction mechanism. It will cool down the skill to destroy all the fat cells that are lying underneath for a particular duration of time. This process can be used in different parts of the body which includes.

  • Arms
  • Chin
  • Love handles
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs

It is commonly considered safe for most of the patients. However, if you are suffering from any vascular condition your body will be extra sensitive to cold which means you should avoid having the cold treatment.

2- Heat treatment
A laser is used for fat reduction which is FDA approved. The laser energy is used by the device that destroys the fat cells in the body. After that, your body will automatically eliminate all the destroyed fat cells. The device consists of a flat applicator which means that it will not work well on the areas of the body which have curves. It is the perfect treatment for thighs and stomach.

3- Ultrasound energy
In this process, ultrasound energy is used to break down the fat cells. Ultrasound treatment is the most time taking treatment because it will take 1 hour per session. It means that the technician will not hook you to the machines, instead, he/she will have to move the device around you manually. In order to break down and destroy the fat cells, mechanical vibrations are used. It is only used for the abdominal region and not meant for other parts of your body.

4- Radiofrequency energy
Special radiofrequency devices are used to deliver the heat that will destroy the stored fat cells. In this process, the water in cells is commonly targeted which means that you have to keep your body well-hydrated before the treatment. If you are dehydrated the treatment will not be very effective. During this procedure, you will feel a warm sensation in your body.
Results you will get from body sculpting
Here are some of the results that you will get after body contouring treatment.
You will not have to worry about any downtime or anesthesia.
Within 25 minutes to 1 hour, you will be done with your treatment session.
Depending on the type of treatment you use and part of the body that you have to treat, you can select between 1 to 12 sessions.
Within 1 hour you will notice the effects of the treatment.
There is no downtime. You may experience redness in area treated for about 15 minutes after. Slight muscle soreness may occur the day following the treatment.

Everything you need to know about frequency specific microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy is rapidly gaining popularity. Most of the people are using the therapy for their skin problems, facelift and even for pain. However, recently the frequency specific microcurrent therapy is introduced in the industry. Most people are interested in knowing that what the therapy is all about. Here we have a simple overview that will help you understand everything about FSM.

What is frequency specific microcurrent therapy?

It is the latest type of treatment which uses micro amperage current which converts into a resonance effect of selected frequencies on different tissues of the body in certain conditions to create beneficial changes in health and associated symptoms. In frequency specific microcurrent therapy there are small doses of electrical energy applied to the body which is based on specific frequencies which are applied to the body in a certain sequence which help to generate positive results. Application of correct frequency is very important. In order to find the required frequency, its effects on different parts of the body are examined and accordingly the intensity is changed.
The frequencies used in frequency specific microcurrent therapy are pulses per seconds which are measured in Hertz. The experts are free to use the electronic or sound waves for the treatment. The electromagnetic pulses are used to generate the required frequencies in frequency specific microcurrent therapy which uses two channels. The channels will fire at the same time. A ramped square wave is used to deliver the frequencies which consist of high-frequency harmonics which is used to create the waves. This is the reason that an accurate pulse is generated every time. commonly the square wave pulse is used in the microcurrent generator because they have more effective clinical results.
The frequency in the FSM will neutralize or address of health condition which is placed on channel A.
The tissues which the frequency has to target will be placed on channel B.
Commonly less than 1000 Hz frequencies are used in frequency specific microcurrent therapy.
There are more than 200 health issues which can be addressed using this frequency.
Health issues which can be treated with frequency specific microcurrent therapy
Some of the common health issues which can be treated using FSM are.

  • Scar tissues
  • Inflammation
  • Toxicity
  • Mineral deposits
  • Poliovirus
  • Congestion
  • Trauma

However, there are no claims available that frequency specific microcurrent therapy will show positive effects for some of the unusual conditions but the experts are working hard to find the positive results.
How FSM can treat health issues?
A common question people have is that how frequency specific microcurrent therapy will be effective and in what health conditions. It works by stimulating the tissues in which body which is not responding to any conventional therapies. It will help to facilitate the healing process of the chronic and acute injuries to assure that overall health condition can be improved. It can use used a supportive treatment for various health issues like CFS, Lyme disease and fibromyalgia.
Health conditions which can be treated with frequency specific microcurrent therapy
Once you are able to adjust the frequency of the device according to the health issue that patients have been dealing with and the respond his/her body is giving there are various health issues which can be treated using the technology. Some of the common health issues which can be treated using the therapy are.

  • Pain in nerves and muscles
  • Scar tissues
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic low back and myofascial pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Delayed onset of muscle soreness
  • Pain in neck, head and face
  • Somatic and visceral disorders
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Non-pharmacological treatment for shingles

How to select the best FSM service, provider

Considering the positive results that frequency specific microcurrent therapy is showing there are many people who are interested in getting the therapy. The only issue they have been dealing with is that how they can find the best service provider for the therapy. You should know that there are some fake service providers, which means that you have to be extra careful to assure that you will get the treatment from the best.
In order to select the best specialist, the first thing you have to consider is their certification. You have to assure that the specialist is certified by the authorities to provide the frequency specific microcurrent therapy because that is the only assurance you will have that he/she is eligible for the post. You have to check the education background and assure that your specialist has been trained to provide the services. If not, it is better that you look for other treatment options available.
Make sure that you pay attention to the tools and technologies they are using to provide frequency specific microcurrent therapy. They should have all the latest tools and complete information related to how they will adjust the frequency because that is the only way they will be able to provide you with the best results. If you will not check the equipment of the service provider you are planning to hire chances are you will not be able to get the services that you need. Do not forget to consider the cost of services. look for different packages available because that is the only way you can manage the services in the budget that you have. Check the reviews and ratings of the expert to know whether their previous clients are satisfied with the services or not.
Make sure that you consult your practitioner that whether you should get the treatment or not considering your previous health condition. He will give you a complete guideline that whether FSM will be the right choice for you or not. If you notice any side effects after the first session it is better that you stop and seek medical help. Always get frequency specific microcurrent therapy from the best practitioner.



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Today, Easley’s new full-service holistic spa location located in Village Square (Summerlin) provides an array of luxurious aesthetic options, including micro-current body sculpting, teeth whitening, facials, zero gravity massages, organic spray tans, infrared sauna treatments, and more. Despite opening in January 2021 during a global pandemic, Vanity Beauty Boutique has opened to rave reviews, which is a true testament to Easley’s resiliency as an entrepreneur and speaks to the overall demand for a relaxing oasis for beauty and wellness during tumultuous times.  

Celebrities from around the nation have flocked to Vanity for their renowned body sculpting treatments, which uses electric microcurrents to build and tone muscle, shrink fat and eliminate inches instantly including models, ring girls, Strip performers, adult entertainers, professional bodybuilders, and more. Vanity made a huge splash to more than 3.5 million viewers on TLC’s hit TV show, “90 Day Fiancé,” in September 2020, when starring cast member, Larissa Lima, came to Easley for body sculpting to complete her dramatic full-body makeover transformation.

In her free time, Easley enjoys going to church, reading, doing yoga, traveling and spending time with her three-year-old daughter. A powerful force in the industry, Easley donates service treatments to support local causes close to her heart annually. Dedicated to staying up to date on the latest health and wellness trends, Easley believes in continuous education and is always learning new holistic approaches to achieve outstanding results with her clients’ overall optimal health in mind.

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Marlene is committed to providing her clients with custom skincare services including a variety of facials and dermaplaning, to help them achieve their skincare goals. A graduate of Milan Institute, prior to joining the team at Vanity, Marlene was a skin therapist at ULTA specializing in facials, body treatments, waxing and cosmetology as well as an esthetician at EternalWelth, where she mastered the art of the holistic facial.

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A self-proclaimed beauty junkie, our aesthetics specialist, Kayla, providing spray tan, body sculpting and teeth whitening services, lives by the motto, “if you can’t tone it, tan it!” A powerful force in the industry, Kayla has bronzed up hundreds of clients through the years including reality TV star, Farrah Abraham. Kayla credits her passion for making people feel gorgeous as the running force behind her career.

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